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We've got the power

We’ve Got the Power

We’ve Got the Power

(because we know the source of the power – our heavenly Father)

Introduction – Prayer is one of our spiritual disciplines.  One of the load bearing beams in this earthly house.

Some of us learned about prayer early in our lives.

  • So much of what we learned had to do with our social location, tradition, culture, involvement in church or other religious circles.
  • Some of us came to know of God listening to others pray and some of us came to know God as we listened to others pray or as we learned to pray.
  • Some of us don’t pray for various reasons.
    1. Don’t think we are worthy
    2. Ashamed of who we are, what we used to do
    3. God won’t hear us.

In trying to learn more about prayer or even learn to pray, some turn to the BOOK – The Lord’s prayer; David’s prayers; the Psalms; and on and on.  Some of us even learned acronyms to guide us as we prayed.

Some people stop praying because a prayer was not answered and they aren’t quite sure what to do with God, prayer, church, preachers and/or sermons about prayer.

The world around us is changing and reflects even a change in people.  Crime is on the rise again and we are subjected to so many kinds of crimes that before only happened to other people of questionable lifestyles or in Kevin Costner movies.

The church as the body of Christ seems to be the losing team as evil is so present.  What is a Christian to do?  Do we sit back and wave our magic wand and all is made well?  Do we come to church, pay our tithes, do church things and go back home and bemoan the adversity around us?  We turn to our faith and it seems to be a quick fix for a little while.  Yet we feel hopeless, helpless, and tied down.

While it is true that believers don’t have perfect, cushy lives, we are not as helpless and hopeless as we tend to feel we are.  We’ve got the power and that power is in Prayer

Let’s look at Psalm 107.  Our challenge this morning is to choose to receive revelation in the knowledge of God and find our place and purpose in the picture.

Some African American churches have Watch Night Service on New Year’s Eve.  It is a service that encourages each person to think about the good things the Lord has done over the past year.  At the stroke of midnight, everyone is to be found praying.  It indicates the dependency on God to get them through the next year.  Its origin was 12/31/1862 and it was called “Freedom’s Eve” because slaves in the Confederate states were declared legal.

Psalm 107 is used by the Rabbis to remind the people to come together to bless God for all He had done in their lives.  It is like a community testimonial service.  It is within these declarations that I saw something that awakened me to an even deeper understanding of the power of prayer.

  • Have you just taken time out in the midst of your daily routine to whisper a prayer of Thanksgiving?
  • Have you given thought to who God is to you personally?
  • What about who you are to God?
  • What about other people?
  • Do they mean anything to God?

They cried out… the LORD delivered them.  See verses 6, 13, 19 and 28….

There are 4 distinct testimonies here:

  • Survived in the desert
  • Released from prison
  • Stormy seas
  • Sickness

God saved them from their adversities.

When they cried out, they expected something.  When we are in trouble we are a bit more sincere about our prayers.  We cry from the depths of our hearts.  We move beyond ourselves and with the innocence of children, we cry out.  Have an attitude of gratitude.

Come in faith

Do you believe that God can and will?

Come in love — 

Do you love the Lord?  Think of the person you love most.  Do you love God more than you love them?

Come in obedience —

God as your real Father.  We can’t always use our earthly fathers as examples.

Come trusting —

Can you trust God to do what you desire of Him?

Come leaning and depending on God —

No man or woman is an island to him or herself.  We all need somebody to whom we can bear ourselves to and know that they care about us even more than we care about ourselves.

There is power in prayer and I hope you have discovered as I have that it is the Lord’s response that gives prayer its power.


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