Cross and Flame - Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame).

Sermons from August 2015

Master carpenter

The Master Carpenter (Framing the House)

Summary:  We continue to look at the fact that the Lord has to build the house if we expect it to last.  We have used the earthly example of actually building a house.  After constructing the foundation, it is now necessary to frame the house.  Framing provides the skeleton or backbone of the house by…

Counting the Cost

  When we prepared to move here so I could be closer to my new church assignment, I wanted a house so that I did not have to drive all the way from Carrollton.  The words from my husband’s mouth still echo in my mind whenever I look at yet another house with that twinkle…

Unless the Lord Builds the House

Unless the Lord Builds the House

We have started this journey together by first laying a foundation of love.  For four weeks we have looked at love and arrived at the conclusion that God is love and God is the initiator of love as evidenced through His Son Jesus Christ.  Having saturated our spirits with this knowledge, we continue by asking…