Cross and Flame - Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame).

Our Beliefs

God God is bigger and better than we can imagine.
Jesus God showing himself to us as the Son of God.
Holy Spirit God living in us.
Creation God created everything and continues to create.  God is the creator, past, present, and future.
Bible The inspired Word of God and our guidebook for life.
Grace God’s unmerited forgiveness of sin for all believing in Jesus Christ.
Salvation A personal experience in which through faith in Jesus, we receive grace from God with assurance of eternal life.
After Life Death is not the end but the beginning. Heaven and hell are real places.
Baptism Baptism is the outward and visible sign that we have entered into a covenant with God through Jesus Christ, that we belong to him, that Christ’s promises are ours and that we belong to God’s covenant people.  We accept baptisms by other Christian Churches.
Communion Jesus is really present, and his body and blood are spiritually present. All believers are welcome to participate in communion.
Choice God gives us the freewill to choose between right and wrong. God can bring good even out of wrong decisions.
Discipleship God’s will for us is to continually grow toward Christ-like attitudes and actions.
Church A gathering of the people of Christ, commanded by Christ.
Prayer Personal communication with God.
Second Coming Jesus is coming again to judge the world and gather his followers.